Our suite of ordering solutions are targeting for the unique requirements of each area of the store. We offer a custom-developed scan-gun system for center-store ordering (Feline™); a web-based solution for promotional ordering and planning (AGLinki©); and a tablet-based solution (MobileLink©) that is rich with graphics and analytics to support the unique requirements of the perishable areas of the store.

Our AGBRConnect web portal is a one-touch-point solution where AG retailers can sign up for promotions, register for events, access point-of-sale analytics and reporting, and shop an online store for equipment, supplies, and services to name a few.

For retail price maintenance, we offer the BRData BOSS solution to manage your single store, or multiple store locations from a corporate hub. And, for promotional planning and tracking of deal monies, we offer a cutting-edge Ad Planning system, a Flexible and customizable TPR system, and a Supplemental promotions tracking system – all designed to automate and simplify these very labor-intensive activities for the retailer.

From the back-room to the Point-of-Sale, AG’s technology team has you covered. Our Retail Systems team is dedicated to the support of POS systems. As registered distributors of the RORC© and LOC© systems, our team is unrivaled in the level of support and expertise that they offer to our retailers. Whether or not a retailer chooses to employ one of these systems, we still have data hosting solutions available to make sure that whatever POS system is in use, it is fully supported with the latest costs, retails, and promotional prices.

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