Manard Lagasse, Jr. 

About the President

In November 2007, Manard began his career with Associated Grocers, Inc. in Baton Rouge Louisiana as Executive Assistant to the President / Internal Legal Counsel.   In 2008, he was elected as the Assistant Secretary of Associated Grocers, Inc. and also held the title of General Counsel.  In 2010, he was promoted to Vice President / General Counsel and took on the oversight of the Maintenance and Safety & Security Departments.  In 2013, Manard was promoted to Senior Vice President / General Counsel while also managing the Human Resources Department.  In May 2019, Manard was named Associated Grocers, Inc.’s President & CEO.

Manard named Chairman of the Board of the National Grocers Association. Read the announcement >>
From the President

Every employee and their management team see and understand their respective roles as belonging to something bigger than themselves. The value of everyone’s effort at Associated Grocers moves us forward. Effort needs a steady companion called enthusiasm – and our team has it!  We are retail-focused, whether it is on the distribution center floor, in administrative offices, delivering to retail, or supporting our members out in the field. Our contributions derive from our mission, “Dedicated to the Support and Success of the Independent Retail Grocer”, by bringing the most current technologies, marketing strategies, and freshest quality products to our member stores.

It is through the spirit of the independent retailer that we’ve stood together to overcome obstacles and life events and meet challenges head-on. As an essential industry of extraordinary importance to fellow citizens, the Associated Grocers’ team-wholesale and retail, remained committed to our core value of SERVICE, and are excited and humbled for the opportunity to serve others.