Associated Grocers, Inc. creates an environment where employees are provided an opportunity for career growth. Many of our current team members have started in the Warehouse Order Selector position and have advanced into roles within Distribution Management, as well as roles within Finance & Accounting, Facility Maintenance, Transportation and Sales and Marketing.

18 Years of Service

DeAndre Jones

Trainer, Supervisor

“We’re looking for inventory on products. I’ve worked within other positions that allow me to see the flip-side of it. I can now bring insight to how we can improve in certain areas.”

Previous Positions: Sanitation Checker, QA Checker, Returns Supervisor, Operations Supervisor

13 Years of Service

Zacchaeus Reddix

Supervisor, Transportation

“I’m extremely competitive, so I always push myself to meet new goals. I came to Associated Grocers straight out of college with my Marketing Degree. I started as an Order Selector in the warehouse and soon entered the Drivers Certification Program to receive my CDL. Working in multiple positions has allowed me to understand why pallets are stacked in certain ways to how trucks are routed. Every day I work with our drivers and help troubleshoot in various scenarios. My experience gave me extra insight while communicating those needs with our vendors. There are ways for you to advance at AG. It is up to you. “

Previous Positions: Order Selector-Perishable, Order Selector-Grocery Shipping, Driver, Overnight Transportation Supervisor

11.5 Years of Service

David Kennison

Inventory Specialist

“I have always wanted to learn as much as possible, even so much as requesting additional training. My willingness has always been recognized. For every position I’ve held, someone has approached me about the next opportunity. My supervisors show their belief in me and I’ve been lucky enough to get these opportunities to learn the business. Working in various warehouse positions I see different functions and garner new perspectives. As an Inventory Specialist, I am able to see the other side of it. I rely on the systems and processes we have in place in order to buy and get product to our warehouse shelves.”

Previous Positions: Sanitation Checker, QA Checker, Returns Supervisor, and Logistics Supervisor

10 Years of Service

Jacolby Packnett

Operations Supervisor, Receiving

“Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. When I applied for the position I recieved so much support to step forward. We all have goals in life, and for me this is another step on my path.”

Previous Positions: Order Selector, Forklift Operator, Trainer

2 Years of Service

Stephen Acosta

Director of Business Systems

“I came to Associated Grocers looking for an opportunity and a change of pace. Coming to a company where sharing ideas and being motivated and encouraged to do so, at a high level is truly appreciated. There is solid leadership here, which helps me realize what I can contribute to the Applications Development Department.”

Previous Positions: Applications Development Manager

1.5 Years of Service

Rachunda Jackson

Retail Store Accounting Staff Accountant

“Associated Grocers took a chance on me, and I’m grateful for that. I left one career field and came to AG with little experience in Accounting. With extra training I received various certifications in Accounting and now I’m in school pursuing my degree. I would say to job seekers to, ‘come confident and eager to learn and advance. Don’t just secure the job, help the department grow.”

Previous Positions: RSA Bookkeeper

1 Year of Service

Shelby Scheuermann

Talent Acquisition Specialist

It was at LSU’s Opportunity Knocks Job Fair that I learned Associated Grocers could be an opportunity for me. As a member of the Human Resources team, I love that our company has events to appreciate its employees. That is important to me. To students graduating, I would say ‘Don’t be closed-minded. Learn as much as you can about all of your opportunities because you never know what’s going to be available to you. Once you get the job, be a sponge!

Previous Positions: Intern