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The original membership of Associated Grocers.

Associated Grocers, Inc. was organized on May 23, 1950 with 17 member stores. The original membership consisted of grocers from old and respected business families of Baton Rouge. From its humble beginnings in 1950, Associated Grocers, Inc. quickly developed into a success for Baton Rouge and eventually the southeastern region of the United States. The association’s marketing strategy was simple, but effective. Through association buying power, member-retailers decreased the cost of goods by purchasing directly from food manufacturers.

Over the years, Associated Grocers has developed an impressive campus of warehouse and administrative buildings, including over 670,000 square feet of grocery and perishable warehouse space.

Associated Grocers has continued to build on the founding members’ vision by acquiring subsidiary companies in 2011 and 2014. Helping provide everyday solutions for its members, the companies are positioned to assist with energy efficiency and bring fresh, specialty meal solutions directly to its members.

For over 73 years, Associated Grocers has seen constant, measurable growth ensuring its vitality by enhancing technology, re-shaping the appeal of the supermarket and leaving space for expansion. Today, with over 650 full-time employees and annual sales over $800 million, Associated Grocers, Inc. is a key player in the economy of Louisiana.

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