Associated Grocers, Inc. strives to be a service-oriented supplier of the highest quality, lowest priced food products in our markets. 

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As a trusted partner in the food supply chain, we believe it is our duty to stay abreast of industry trends, best practices, and changing social issues that affect consumer food choices. 

We pride ourselves on over seven decades of ethical and legal business practices and remain committed to industry and supplier initiatives that further our mission. AG will also be a partner in those industry initiatives that focus on improving the health and wellness benefits derived from the food supply, that demonstrate best practices in animal welfare, and further food safety.  We fully embrace practices and products that safeguard the environment, protect the safety of consumers, and support the needs of both children and the most senior members of the communities that we serve.

As part of our commitment to remain relevant to changing social and consumer needs and trends, we continually adjust our product mix to include a growing assortment of natural, organic, “better-for-you” and humanely-raised products. Our inventory currently offers a broad and growing array of products that are free-range, naturally and organically grown and harvested, fair trade, non-GMO, BPA free, gluten-free, and that address many other socially important issues. These actions are evidence of our ongoing awareness and support of these industry and social changes. We continue to work with governmental agencies, industry organizations, and the supplier community to further support those food-supply practices that address health concerns, nutrition, animal welfare, and social responsibility. Furthermore, it is our obligation to play an active role in those supply chain solutions that address these concerns. All of this will be done in the context of meeting customer demand, remaining affordable, and fostering relationships with supply chain partners who share our views.

Associated Grocers, Inc. appreciates the trust that our customers place in us to “do the right thing” and will continue to work to provide quality food products, affordable pricing, and consumer choice while ensuring the highest degree of food safety and our unwavering commitment to partnering with responsible suppliers.  Also, we are active and engaged corporate citizens, and through our nonprofit charitable organization, AGives!, we are committed to our mission of serving others.  We continue to support many charitable organizations including Food Banks throughout the marketplace servicing people in need.  We have contributed millions of dollars of product and support in these efforts, and will continue to do so.