Associated Grocers, Inc. is a full-service distribution center owned by its retail members.

As a retailer-owned corporation, it exists for the purpose of supplying its members with the finest services and the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost. In doing so, we are proud in doing so, to provide our members with the highest possible return on their invested funds.

Our programs and philosophies offer our members the advantage of working together with Associated Grocers, Inc. in a mutually beneficial partnership. As owners, our retail members are partners in profit and progress with us.

In order to become an active member of Associated Grocers, Inc., a retailer must be a retail food dealer who operates within the geographic area serviced by Associated Grocers, Inc. Weekly purchases must exceed $20,000. An active membership application must be submitted and, upon approval, the retailer is accepted for full service. Additionally, each member must comply with the class A stock requirement, and accumulate class B stock savings and deposit requirements as prescribed by the laws of the corporation. If you would like more information about our programs or membership opportunities, please contact us at 800-637-2021, Ext. 1100.