Logistics and Supply Chain Management involves extensive analysis of the retail process, including how we procure product from suppliers, how we receive and manage inventory at our Distribution Center, how we deliver product to our customers, and finally, how product is sold at the retail level.

By studying this process in its entirety, our staff has proven that it can accurately and efficiently formulate, communicate, and implement improved business plans, processes, and systems, so as to service our customers in a more cost-effective manner. From labor management to slotting to procurement practices to engineered standards to dock and yard management, our Logistics Team is keenly tuned in to tweaking what we do in support of quality of service and efficiency.

Our Inventory Control Team is extraordinarily focused on the accuracy, freshness, and quality of our merchandise inventory to effectively serve our customers. The recently audited inventory accuracy level was in excess of 99.4%. This level of tight inventory control has a direct positive impact on the service levels provided our customers.

Our Returns & Recoup departments are situated for maximizing the efforts around…
  1. recovering and re-slotting for sale, merchandise that is otherwise minimally damaged and saleable or located and found within our Distribution Center outside of the product’s home slots; and,
  2. efficiently and effectively handling all of the reverse logistics around product and equipment returns from our customers to perform quick turnarounds to better enable us to service the additional demands and needs of our customers.