Published on: March 26, 2024

Greg Ferrara, ex-chair Ted Balistreri, and the new Chair, Manard Lagasse.

Associated Grocers, Inc. President and CEO Manard Lagasse, Jr. was elected the National Grocers Association (NGA) Board Chair. The announcement came this month at NGA’s National Conference in Las Vegas. NGA is a resource for independent grocers assisting with any questions relating to governmental affairs, new initiatives, consumer trends, and research.

Manard Lagasse, President and CEO of Associated Grocers, inc is the newly elected Board Chair of the National Grocers Association.

“It is a wonderful time to be involved with NGA,” stated Lagasse as he began his two-year term. “There are a lot of initiatives going forward in our industry and NGA is a great organization to help us navigate through some of the issues that will come our way, as they are usually ahead of it before others. The National Grocers Association understands the political atmosphere and has always been a great responsive partner to independent retailers.”

NGA is the only trade national association dedicated solely to the needs of independent, community-focused grocery retailers and operators. Associated Grocers’ mission, ‘Dedicated to the Support and Success of the Independent Retail Grocer’ intersects with NGA. Associated Grocers’ focus on retailers remaining competitive for today’s shoppers by offering the freshest products, innovative technology, and unparalleled customer service has always been at the forefront. NGA is a distinguished partnership that generates significant impact. Lagasse aims to encourage more Associated Grocers retailers to become actively engaged with NGA.  “Our industry is constantly changing, and by collaborating with others, we can help with the trends. As independent retailers, we are all in this together. When you’re involved you know what the issues are and how to respond. You get out of NGA what you put into it.”

Congratulations Manard!

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